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Canada Day 2022

It was a "Canadian Party" and you came out to celebrate! The epic "throwback" Digital Moose Lounge: Canada Day Picnic was a huge success with close to 300 happy Canadians attending. Since becoming chair, it has been my mission to re-create the picnic. I remember it fondly as new transplants from Toronto, with a young family desperately wanting to be surrounded by other joyful Canadians. I believe we created that feeling of joy again!

On a sunny day in Huddart Park in Woodside, we hosted new and established Canadians to a tasty BBQ, Canadian Bar, wine tasting, raffle, games, children's story time and prizes. It was a family affair as we shared stories, made new connections, and the reminiscing made us feel like one big family!

From the donut eating contest, and street hockey to the Tug of War, and soccer game, there was an activity for all. If you didn't want to work up a sweat, then just sipping some great Canadian wines and cold beer with friends made it a day to remember.

Our Canadian University Alum presence was huge, we got to meet some new transplants that we hope will follow us and attend future DML events.

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Save the date for our Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday, October 9th, 2022!

Our Canadian community is the foundation of the DML. We appreciate your continued support of our volunteer board and we thank the many sponsors and volunteers that made this possible.

One of our guests summed up the day: "I just loved the picnic. The most touching was when the anthem began. Everything stopped and a hush fell over each and every one. That's a collective we love and respect as our Native Land." <-- Watch the Youtube video.

Lastly, a big thank you to our photographer, Eric Ananmalay for capturing the good times! Check out our photo album here.

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