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Farewell to 2022

Reflecting on change and growth for any of us -- personally and professionally is always a gratifying yet sometimes daunting thought process.

At DML, our mission this year is to reconnect in-person again, to expand our reach and bring closeness to our Bay Area Canadian community.

We brought back the Canada Day Picnic for you, where 300 of us, sang, played, cheered, ate and drank away a perfect sunny day at the park.

Offering 10 cultural and community-driven events, from sports, to book readings, a chesterfield chat, and hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner that fed 100 fellow Canadians brought us an overwhelming feeling of joy, pride and gratitude.

All our events this year SOLD OUT -- an indication that our network is important, and our work and dedication is appreciated. It is certainly a labor of love for our volunteer board of 12! We too feel the connective collaboration as we put programming together and meet with our community.

The gift of time together is what we will bring to you again in 2023! From all of us at the Digital Moose Lounge, we wish you and your families Happy Holidays.

Board Chair,

Sarah Price

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