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The Best of Both Worlds

By Maddy Price

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area while frequently visiting our family in Toronto, I was keenly aware that my family’s Canadian and American worlds were joined. Sure, I loved the Bay Area’s great weather, food, and West Coast vibe. But I also appreciated Canada’s history, natural beauty, and friendly people. I had the best of both worlds!

During my college years, I began competing for the Canadian National Team for track and field, while continuing to train in the US. I’m a proud Olympian now, having competed with Team Canada last summer as part of the Women's 4x400 Relay team at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Our team finished 4th with the fastest time any Canadian 4x400 team had run in 30 years, fractions of a second away from a bronze medal.

Being a professional athlete and representing Canada on the world’s biggest stages is an honor and something I only dreamed about growing up! Since I’m still training in hopes of competing in the next Olympics, I feel fortunate that my full-time job now involves managing my brand, motivational speaking, and a rigorous Olympic training program.

I’ve also learned that juggling career and financial responsibilities should be an Olympic category of their own! My banking needs have been particularly challenging since I earn and spend in both the U.S. and Canada while saving in both currencies throughout the year. Here’s how I stay on top of my money management.

Accounts + Apps = convenience and stress-free access

Canada supports its elite athletes by providing stipends to help pay for their cost of living, physiotherapy, sports psychology, and more. Thankfully, RBC’s cross-border banking app, accounts, and VISA cards, allow me to access my finances while living and training in the US. They’ve been an easy and effective way to manage my cross-border money and budget.

Setting up my business for success and establishing good credit

More recently, I’ve been freelancing as a motivational speaker on both sides of the border. I bill for these services through RBC’s payment platforms, which are linked to my U.S.-based business account. I’ve also appreciated being able to access my RBC accounts whenever I’m visiting with family in Toronto. And my banking history with RBC established my good credit, which helped me qualify for a credit card—not an easy feat for a young Canadian in the U.S.!

As a kid I had a killer combination: breakfast burritos during winters in the Bay Area, and Timbits on the way to grandma’s place during summers in Toronto! I’m still grateful to call Canada and the U.S home. RBC banking has made it safe, convenient, and hassle-free for me to work, live, and train for the Olympics in both places.

Photo credits: Michael Memmier

This is a sponsored post with RBC Bank. Visit their website for advice and to simplify your cross-border banking needs.

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