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DML Community

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Our goal here is not to become yet-another social media. We want this to be a way for you to connect with other Canadians in the Bay area directly. Maybe it's someone you met at an event. It can be groups of people in certain parts of the Bay area that want to get together. 

This new set of capabilities allows you find and connect with other members, and find and create groups with similar interests. Last but least, there is a blog, that enables you to provide your unique bit of insights or information to the community at large. 

Rather than having a 30 page set of rules and regulations, we'll keep it simple.

  1. Be Canadian. Be polite. Say Sorry, Please and Thank-You

  2. No politics - about either side of the border

Find and connect with other DML members in the Bay area

Canada Day picnic

Find other Canadians in the Bay area with similar interests

Group Karaoke
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